About Carrie Cogley, APRN

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner in Dayton, OH

Carrie Cogley, APRN

Carrie Cogley, APRN, is an Advanced Practice Nurse at Primrose Women's Health in Dayton, Ohio. Under Carrie’s outstanding leadership and expertise in women’s health, the practice is quickly becoming a highly sought-after resource for women.

In 2006, Carrie earned her master's degree from the University of Cincinnati. Before becoming an NP, she worked in labor and delivery for ten years. Her bedside experience has had a significant impact on her professional career. She has learned so much over the years as a nurse, practitioner, and patient.

Through the years, Carrie has found herself saying, “There has to be a better way to provide medical care." She said it as a nurse, an NP, and a patient herself. At last, Carrie has finally found the resources to support a different approach to medical care.

She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to provide a caring and peaceful environment for patients. She and all the practitioners focus on the holistic care of women. It’s their passion, and Carrie and her team think you will feel that passion as soon as you step through the pink door.  

So often, women are busy taking care of other people. Carrie asks that you please take the time to care for yourself and your health. Fill your cup so you are better for those you love and have more to give. Your health is as essential as your kids, mom, brother, aunt, grandma, dog, etc.

Carrie focuses on providing women's wellness care. This includes yearly checkups, sexual health, pelvic pain, contraception, abnormal bleeding, fertility, urinary concerns, menopause management, vaginal health, and more. She has worked with women of various ages, from newborns to older people.

Carrie loves working with patients and colleagues to help provide the best-individualized care possible. Call the office to schedule a visit or request an appointment online.

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